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Founded in 2014 , Baca Makine; is an extremely dynamic and growing company in the sector. Baca Makine is constantly increasing its product range with the importance and investments it attaches to technology and R&D studies, and gradually strengthens its position in the market with the high quality products it has produced. Chimney Machine; It has a very large product range that can best meet all the needs of the Defense Industry, oil and mining drilling, machinery manufacturing, gear manufacturing and reducer manufacturing sectors. Baca Makine, which has made a difference with its experiences since 2014, prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers. The well-equipped staff and target-oriented works lie behind the great progress of Baca Makine in a short time. As a company, it is always open to development and knows no boundaries to achieve success.

Baca Makine has determined its goal of global growth with the emphasis of pioneering in the future in its vision. At this point, it follows the innovations with its well-equipped staff, which it sees as the most important key to success, and continues its R&D activities by providing investment. Baca Makine, which has a strong and high quality position in all the sectors it is involved in, always continues to work with a focus on innovation and customer needs. Baca Makine aims to be the reliable supplier of its customers by providing all its services flawlessly, always keeping the same sensitivity shown in the production process as the basis and meticulously after the sales.

To grow by producing highly technological and high quality products by working customer-oriented in all sectors we are involved in and to have a share in increasing our country's presence in world exports.
To have a pioneering future on a global scale by making a difference with its highly technological and competitive power, sensitive to the environment and people, doing the best in line with customer requests.


Baca Makine is a company that has awareness of the world and green environment since its establishment. For this reason, it is very sensitive about water management, waste management, recycling management, energy management based on sustainability throughout all production processes. It produces in line with the practices of the EU and the UN in this regard. (Moving) Sustainable development is aimed by integrating these managements into the business process. Conservation of natural resources is vitally important and has become our priority. The aim is to maintain the livable state of nature by preventing any damage (destruction) that may occur. Our company always seeks and produces innovative solutions to carry out environmentally friendly and sustainable activities. As Baca Makine, the more damage we can prevent in this regard, the more proud we are of our production.