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Defense industry

The defense industry is a sector that leads technology, although large investments are made in the world. Baca Makine has made rapid progress in the defense industry by using its know-how and equipment in the most efficient way, following and adapting to all developments. Our company has adopted the nationalization movement in the field of defense industry as its principle and has been in this sector since its establishment by carrying out R&D and manufacturing within its own structure. Baca Makine with its high-tech test systems; It determines and optimizes the compliance of the manufactured equipment with military standards and operational requirements.

While we develop new products and systems by using the latest technologies in the defense industry with our R&D projects, we also update and modernize existing systems. In the structural analysis service, we determine the mechanical properties and performance of a material or device by using mathematical and physical models. We continue to grow in the defense industry by producing specially designed parts to meet the needs of our customers with our contract manufacturing.

Design and Structural Analysis


Testing System

Prototype Equipment