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Oil / Mineral Drilling

As Baca Engineering, we take things to a professional level in the field of oil and mining. In the oil sector, the safety of facilities, operations such as drilling and storage are of great importance. Our work continues professionally in all areas of this sector, such as oil wells, pipelines, storage facilities, all products required in the extraction and processing of the mine. We provide a high level of safety, efficiency and quality by analyzing the performance of equipment and making it in line with industry standards with structural analysis service and test systems.

We are improving and developing in the field of oil drilling and mining with R&D projects developed in line with the needs of our customers. Baca Makine uses its experience in machining to provide advantage to oil companies, increase their productivity and use their resources more effectively. All parts with special requirements for our customers are designed and produced meticulously. Being extremely sensitive about customer satisfaction and quality service delivery, Baca Makine attaches great importance to the use of environmentally friendly technologies in all its activities that may cause environmental effects.

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